• Another Story - Bangkok

Located on the fourth floor of Emquartier’s Helix Building, this new concept store gathers designer product from all over the world with a heavy focus on stationery and home decor, plus some fashion. The huge one-stop space also comprises a gallery, cafe and flower shop.

  • The Selected - Bangkok

a Lifestyle Multi-brand Concept Store which features all 5 essences of Fl3, Siam Center- Art, Fashion, Lifestyle& Music, Technology, and Absolute Siam. As it states in its name, The Selected curated a big selection of design and lifestyle products with inspired stories together more than 69 brands from Thailand and everywhere else around the world.

  •  London Eyes - Taipei

A fashion and accessories shop in central Taipei, Taiwan

  •  Anyroom - Bangkok

We were moved to our new large store located at The Jam Factory project, Bangkok. We have a small group designers who is working for an unique furniture and we have a lot of selective multi-brand design & lifestyle products in our store such as Furniture, Home Decoration, Kitchenware, Garden Stuff, Bath Accessories, Stationery and Design Objects for everyone who is adorable in simple aesthetic design.


  • The Zoo Concept - Dubai, United Arab Emirates



The Zoo is a creative and inspirational melting pot of different products and styles. A one-stop destination for innovative gifts, clothes, accessories.



  • Madame Bleue - Macau

A fashion boutique which locates in the St.Lazarus Quarter area of Macau (RUE DE LUIS JOAO BAPTISTA NO3-A RC).


  •  LW - Taipei

L.W is a fashion concept boutique in Taipei, T’Ai-Wan. We travel around looking for variety and unique stuffs.

There is nonscheduled selling selections from independent designer. In addition, we published our own limited editions products.
No.5, Ln. 190, Sec. 1, Dunhua S. Rd., Da’an Dist., Taipei City 106, Taiwan