About us

Pym have jointly owned and operated the business with her sister, Dee, since 2012 in Bangkok, Thailand. We both graduated from Decorative Arts, majoring in Jewellery Design and we are proud of our designs and Thai craftsmanship. Our original bestseller, the Triple Earrings, set the benchmark for our designs and attention to craftsmanship. 

           From premium high street jewellery to superior jewellery and accessories' design and the finest quality of craftsmanship, Pym Jewellery places unique designs and pure quality at the heart of its ethos.  New styles are developed in Bangkok and London with close attention being paid to every detail of the design, production and finish. 

As jewellery designers, we strongly believe that one of the first steps to great design is learning from former design and fashion, and then applying that appreciation in a creative and different way.

Our influence is first and foremost everything we feel, see and experience, but we have always loved fashion particularly simply and clean style.   



Siripim Apinuntakulchai
Naruedee Apinuntakulchai